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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by wigaloi, Feb 29, 2024.

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    My geothermal went out so I was using emergency heat. Called a geo guy who came out for about an hour and charged $600, which I paid.

    Within 2 hours the compressor stopped again so emergency heat again. Called him and he came back out. Spent a couple of hours and did whatever. Still doesn't work and he is aware.

    Today I get an $800 bill. If I pay, I'll be $1,400 poorer and still using emergency heat. I want to be reasonable, but I have gotten no benefit for him spending his time.

    Would you pay for the 2nd service or not. Would love for professionals to chime in.
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    Hi Wigaloi,

    I know it is a difficult time when the geothermal stops.
    As a homeowner, dealing with this type of work, the contract should start with a basic agreement to how the billing works.
    It is a difficult thing to guage exactly how well a tech understands, maybe he was gathering information? I agree that it is obsurd to pay $1400 for troubleshooting without success. Maybe come to a better understanding of where the final bill lands, now that you both have time invested.
    One further note, depending on how handy you are, may better serve yourself to learn your system, and learn some basic knowledge and troubleshooting your system for when this may happen again.

    Good luck!

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