well to well water forced transfer.

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  1. J Davis

    J Davis New Member

    Idea I am trying.
    I use a jet pump to circ well 1 water to well 2 (not in the loop) on a closed loop system. to force earth circulation. 2 -300 ft wells in SC.
    Lowe's 1/2HP shallow well jet pump 2.3 amp 220vac. lowered my return water from 85 to 74
    well is 72-74 on hotest day (water in well up to 80)
  2. waterpirate

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    Are well number 1 and well number 2 in the same water bearing unit? Are they the same depth? If they are not, please stop.
  3. moondawg

    moondawg Member

    I understand about pumping from one "water bearing unit" to the other. (I think) But what would be the problem if the wells ar different depths?
  4. Well depth differences

    You will moving water from one aquifer to another. Even though they are on the same spot on map, they are different water supplies. State to state will have different rules, but as far as I know, moving water from one aquifer to another is a big no. Removing from and replacing to the same aquifer is generally accepted, but permit issuers are very leery about it. Pump and dump systems are very effective, but proving correct drilling practices and aquifer usage can be difficult. Most states are reluctant to accept "drillers word" on installations.
  5. waterpirate

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    In my kneck of the woods the next year will bring gps coordinates for every well, and prolly echo sounding by officials to verify well depths. Although this will be yet another regulation, it will serve to "clean up" whats left of the old school mavrick drillers.
  6. Drilling Reports

    Here in Texas all wells are required to be reported, including GPS locations, stratas drilled thru, type casing, screens and method to seal or grout.Problem is , not all wells get reported. Water producing wells are one thing, but thousands of geo closed loop wells were installed un-reported. I come across a lot of older existing water wells, (25 yrs or more) that don't show up on well website.
  7. moondawg

    moondawg Member

    Gotcha. I was only thinking in 2 dimensions..... it didn't occur to me that 2 aquifers could be stacked on top of each other.

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