New York WaterFurnace NVV048 E5 - freeze detected

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Jeff Ziegler, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Jeff Ziegler

    Jeff Ziegler New Member

    I have a WaterFurnace NVV048 with Symphony system. The dealer says the sensor dropping temperature within 30 seconds and they would replace it when it happens again. They also said the part was under $10. Where can I order a new FP1 from, PN: 12P505-09? If the electric heating element turn on again it will cost more than the part.
  2. SShaw

    SShaw Active Member Forum Leader

    The sensor is likely just a standard 10 k 0hm thermistor. You could buy a similar sized one from Amazon and splice it into the existing wires.

    If that was too involved, you could try calling www . technicalhotandcoldparts . com and see if they can get the part for you. They have good phone support for parts. I see they have several 12P505-XX Waterfurnace temp sensors available, but not that exact model. The difference might be just the wire length or connectors.

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