Water to water with air handler?

Discussion in 'Radiant Heating and Cooling' started by jrj, Mar 7, 2021.

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    Is it possible to use an air handler with a Climatemaster TMW060 water to water geothermal unit? I am switching to a natural gas boiler for my radiant floor heating, and would like to utilize my TMW060 with an air handler and add ductwork to cool my house. Thanks!
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    Sure it’s possible and very doable. You just need a buffer tank (assume you already have) plus a discrete distribution pump feeding an air handler.

    What is the reason you are moving your radiant heat to a gas fired source ?
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    Thank you for the reply!

    Actually... No buffer tank. (in case you're interested) I have 4 distribution panels, each with a pump and 3 to 5 250' runs of 1/2" pex. Pumps run 24/7, and thermostat is connected directly to the geothermal unit. Has worked very well for about 5 years. House just happens to stay equally warm without zoning.

    We recently were able to have natural gas piped to our house. I just assumed a gas fired boiler would be less expensive to run than the 5 ton geothermal.

    We have minisplits for air-conditioning, but they did not last long, and parts are no longer availble. So, I was thinking of putting an air handler in the attic with ductwork, and piping the cold geothermal water up to it from the basement.
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    Sounds great, simple is better as long as it works !

    I wouldn’t rule out using what you have already installed for cooling. You would only need another distribution pump and control system to lock out your radiant pumps when the thermostat calls for cool air and engages heat pump cooling via the thermostats B terminals and the heat pump reversing valve.

    I would think cheap natural gas versus geo cooling via heat pump would be about a wash cost wise, and assuming natural gas stays cheap.
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