Water pressure regulator ?

Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by sircrazy, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. sircrazy

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    Another question, is it a good idea to install a water pressure regulator on my open loop install? Right now my pump comes on at 40psi and off at 60psi. If so is better to put it on the inlet or outlet? Thanks Chad
  2. teetech

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    Water pressure regulators are most often used for water noise issues, if you do not have a noise issue you should not need one. That being said if you install one it would go on the inlet side and isolated with shut off valves for servicing.
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    A regulator can only be installed after the pressure tank, and set at 40 PSI will keep the pressure steady to the heat pump. However, your pump will still be cycling on and off between 40 and 60 PSI, which is not a good thing. A Cycle Stop Valve will regulate the pressure to the heat pump after the pump has started. It is installed before the pressure tank, will keep the pressure steady to the heat pump, and prevent the pump from cycling itself to death.

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