Michigan Water Furnace ECM 2.3

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by gabo, Dec 30, 2022.

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    I have a 14 year old Water Furnace Envision with an ECM 2.3 blower motor. The motor bearings are slowly failing, starting with a slight vibration that is getting worse over time. If I power off the unit, I can feel play in the motor spindle.

    I live in N. MI. and in winter a heating system outage is not something I can live with even for a short period of time. So I wanted to replace the motor. The motor is labeled as a "GE Genteq ECM 2.3 1/2 HP Blower Motor 5SME39HL0252"

    Which I found a refurbished one. However, it does not quite work correctly. When the unit calls for stage two, which should put the motor in high speed, it never changes speed. The control signals at Y1/Y2 are working correctly.

    In reading, I find that many manufacturers do some different thing inside the motor.

    My old motor seems to operate correctly, it's just got a bearing that's going bad. So I am thinking about disassembling both motors and swapping the piece with the electronics in it. That would couple the working electronics from my old motor with the new motor.

    Anyone done this before? I have not yet opened up the motors, but from reading online it seems that the electronics module is connected to the motor via a connector. Should be a fairly straight forward swap.

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