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Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by Designer_Mike, Feb 21, 2011.

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    After some careful consideration, I think I'm going to use a vertical bore instead of digging up a big chunk of my yard.

    I contacted a local driller and have a quote for twin 230ft bores filled with "enhanced" grout.
    The HP will be a 3 ton unit and I will have a propane fireplace in the finished basement as aux heat when it gets nasty cold.

    OK>> On to my question
    I asked for the driller to quote the job having both supply and return lines from each bore run into my basement without a header. I'd like to be able to monitor each bore independently and flush-maintain them individually instead of never knowing if one bore is working better than the other.
    I'm also thinking that it might make sense to only use one bore during light load times to reduce pumping requirements.

    My goal is to have very few connections outside the basement and the maximum flexibility for monitoring and troubleshooting.
    The driller seems reluctant to this and I'm not sure why. I'm hoping that "they just never do it that way"

    I also want him to simply bore the holes and install the tube/grout. I want to handle the penetration into the house, fill, flush, test, etc once I get the system ready to run. I know this is a bit out of the ordinary, but no-one EVER said I was ordinary!:eek:
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    Can't ever think of a reason you would just use one bore. Reduced pumping I could see, but not reduced loop field usage.

    Driller might be only reluctant due to that, or that they are worried they may be liable for some design issues that could come from misuse. Make it clear you are accepting accountability for design, in writing, and I can't see them hesitating any further.
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    We frequently do "different things for different people". Make sure the driller understands that you are 'all growed up" and only require him to do the work specified. Sometimes if a customer wants the project to left of center I make suggestions about good places for our work to stop and diy to take over. Other than that it is just another day.
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    My only concern would be additional holes in the foundation, but if you are doing them.......
    No reason to drop to one loop, no reason for 2 pumps.

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