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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by jcottrel, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. jcottrel

    jcottrel New Member

    I have a ClimateMaster 4 ton Geothermal heat pump. I am thinking about getting a reusable metal electrostatic filter for it. Any thoughts about possibly doing this? Thanks!
  2. gabo

    gabo New Member

    I had one for my waterfurnace. After 5 years of using it, cleaning it per the instructions, I noticed just behind the filter in the coil, there was a lot of fine "dirt" that was causing low airflow.

    I took a very stiffbrush and painstakingly cleaned it all out. Took me off and on working on it for a week to get it completely cleaned out. I'm back to using regular filters.

    Your mileage might vary, could have been the specific filter I used or maybe something to do with the way I was cleaning it. At any rate, I didn't have good luck with it.

  3. jcottrel

    jcottrel New Member

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with using an electrostatic filter. I decided to go with normal filters as I heard that the metal filters are a pain to clean and have to be cleaned monthly.
  4. Retired HVAC professional.

    Here is what I have learned. Most of my professional friends do not like the "permanent" electrostatic air filters. You might get by IF you cleaned them every month with a 1,200 psi water pressure power washer from both sides. Are you willing to do that ?

    But that's what it would take. Rinsing them in a sink will not clean them properly. "STATIC PRESSURE" is religion in the hvac industry ! These filters, left alone, kill static pressure, resulting in low air flow. Do I need to go on ? Now here is the quandry: the manufacturer ALWAYS wants highest, maximum air flow ! Count on it !

    The customer wants THE BEST FILTRATION. My views: As an hvac professional, I am always ready to raise blower speed. I have NEVER seen higher blower speed hurt or harm an hvac unit. I have learned to love my MERV 8 PLEATED air filters. They differ from others in several ways. One, they can stop a few viruses. Viruses are very tiny things. The cheap hog hair or standard grade filter are good at stopping pennies and birds, period.

    The ones I just described will stop some basic viruses and most pollen. Secondly because they will not last forever, you are forced to replace them with new ones. One last thing. The MERV 8's are close to high grade paper, but note this: they are also mounted in a horizontal "V" at 45 degree angles. It is more than flat paper spread across the surface. So that means that your surface area is MUCH LARGER. (They take longer to clog up) Cost ? $3.00 more a filter ?

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