Michigan Trane Closed Loop Geothermal Circulating Pump ?

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    My neighbor is having a very hard time with his Geothermal Heat Pump. I would like to see if anyone could answer some questions. He installed a Trane GAUJ-SVX01A-EN Heat pump on a closed loop system (new construction) 10 yrs ago. Everything was fine until two years ago he noticed the pressure in the loop was dropping. The company came out dug up the yard and replaced the manifold about 10ft away from his house. They also replaced the circulating pump and replaced the new loop from unit to manifold. When the company left, the loop had roughly 110psi in the loop. As of yesterday the loop has 65psi and the circulating pump quit working. This will be the second time in 2 years he has replaced the circulating pump. Does anyone have any recommendations or modifications to this system? The company he has hired seems to be giving him the run-around. Just thought I'd Ask~!

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    I think the loop field is leaking.

    My guess is the photo is in the basement, and I see piping that is glued not fusion welded.

    I live in Northern Ohio and I have met the guy that patented CPVC for B. F. Goodrich. He made a CPVC/AL/CPVC product before they, sent him home with out his pension. He made a glue-able radiant system. He was way ahead of the Europeans. I can drive you to his home, but do not re-call his name.

    I see HDPE glued to CPVC. The fittings may work but not the bonding. Fusion welding will not work because stuff melts at different temperatures.

    You or your neighbor need help.

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    Are you in MI? Where abouts?

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