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Discussion in 'Quotes and Proposals' started by turbo v6 camaro, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. turbo v6 camaro

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    Our system started leaking water all over the place. has had a few repairs, far as i know it has been in since 1987/1988 it may have been installed in the late 90's not sure (mamoth 3 ton)

    it is at least 20years old......... (11eer and 2.2 cop)

    I just got one quote for a Climatemaster Tranquliy 30
    14,700 installed. (using old loop) I asked about the 45 Q mode and they said they have to get back to me as the dont normally stock it......... but said it would at least 6-10K more.

    seems hight to me?

    I have 2 other vendors coming out tomorrow. one for WF and one i'm not sure what they carry, reference from my boss.

    right now im letting our system limp along and vacuming up the water.............

    ill update or post tommorrow .

    I want to thank this crowd again for the advice hopfully one of these will hook the DHW up to heat my pool in the summer!!!! but most think i have 2 heads when i ask about it. ugh
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    Good timing on the post. Our old WF2 looks like it has finally given up this weekend. I see a lot of quotes on here for brand new from scratch systems, but not to much an just the heat pump replacement. I only seem to have two dealers in my area . Based on their website, one seems to handle the Climatemaster and WF. It will be interesting to see if we get similar numbers.

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