Missouri System oversized....or something else?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by jk96, Jan 10, 2015.

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    When you are ready to switch to geothermal HVAC let me know.

    Nice job.

    Thanks for the mention in point 5. I live in a home built in the late 20's. It has 9 or 10 foot ceilings and rather large double hung window on two walls if possible in each room. The home was built before Carrier caused the psychometric table to be developed. Carrier wanted to cool movie theaters and restaurants, His sales pitch worked well. "Get out of the heat and enjoy a meal or a film". The result of his thinking is United Technologies.

    In summer my house was designed to open the windows up and down so the thermal currants would make the room less hot. Most of the upper windows are painted closed. Stephanie and I fix that as we go along living here.

    In the winter the home was heated with a coal burning basement monster. The most giving partner, would bundle up and take shovel to the coal pile, and roar way too much heat into the conditioned/living space. The un-giving partner would open the bathroom window to bath. It was too hot.

    All of that leads me to your success.

    I skipped the number because I want to know what the bill is after your changes.

    You know, customer interface.

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    Mark I will be sure to post our next bill for comparison when it arrives.

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    Here's my bill comparison since changes.

    Previous Bill - $498.11
    Avg. Outside Air Temp - 31F
    Total KWH used - 4001
    Avg KWH per day - 133.36

    Current Bill - $342
    Avg. Outside Air Temp - 30F
    Total KWH used - 2670
    Avg. KWH per day - 89
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    I thought I would post an update to my thread from this time last season. One important note - we finished the basement and are now heating an additional 1,000 sq/ft zone on the north unit (3 zones total now instead of last years 2). We are now heating about 4500 sq/ft of living space

    Total whole home KWH usage for
    2014/2015 heating season Nov, Dec, Jan - 9,982 KWH
    2015/2016 heating season Nov, Dec, Jan - 7,998 KWH

    In short we have added an additional 1,000 sq/ft of heated space and have used close to 2,000 KWH less this season over the same 3 month period last year. Still very happy with our system after changes.

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