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Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by mntnvew, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. mntnvew

    mntnvew New Member

    Have ~150’ each way to where the horizontal loop are.

    What do folks use for transitioning to/from the 3/4” loops from/to the 2” supply and return lines?

    If I cannot get a local contractor to do the heat fusion, I’ll purchase the tool. Definitely know I have to use this method for connecting all the pipe, especially since all connections will be buried.
  2. SShaw

    SShaw Active Member Forum Leader

    An HDPE header manufactured with one 2" connection and a number of 3/4" connections, one for each loop.

    Search for "B&D Manufacturing parallel underground header"
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  3. mntnvew

    mntnvew New Member

    Excellent, thank you!
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  4. geoxne

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    I use these- Geo Solar Headers

    Each zoned fitting is 1 1/4” inlet with 3/4” outlets. The Y splitter is 2” inlet with 1 1/4” outlets.
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  5. mntnvew

    mntnvew New Member

    Thank you geoxne, I am digging those headers. Seems fluid will flow through them super-easy!
  6. mntnvew

    mntnvew New Member

    Any advice or wish-i'd-known's for the Geo-Solar headers? I think I am going to go with them but was curious if you had to deal with any layout issues since they are angled the way they are. I will have 6 six loops (12 pipe ends) using four Geo-Solar headers.
  7. mntnvew

    mntnvew New Member

    Welp, I went with the GEO-SOLAR headers! Hopefully they are all that they are marketed to be!
  8. wing

    wing Member

    I went with the B&D version for transition from 2 inch to six 3/4 loops. I must say the GEO SOLAR looks a little bit more user friendly. In any event the area where the loops transition to the headers will be messy.

    Frankly after seeing what was involved, I wouldn’t consider these fusion joints as a DIY project. Any small leak in the ground loop would be fatal and digging up the transition area to try and troubleshoot post installation nearly impossible. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional.
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