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Discussion in 'Standing Column Well (SCW)' started by Blake Clark, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. DavidCraig

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    Blake, thanks for the info. I considered SWC with an abandoned well but did not pursue it because, 1) there is less info about making it work verses a closed system; 2) pumping power required; 3) quality of water here.

    A few questions:

    Your $121 electric bill - was that your whole house or your heating submetered? What are you charged per kwatt?

    Pumping is 1.5 amps - so 360 watts? What controller(s) do you use to achieve that?

    How low does your EWT get?

    The water quality problem I faced was that the well gets a lot of slime and was concerned it might plug any filtering. Also, the slime is made from a bacteria that generates methane and hydrogen sulfide. These gases interfere with any sort of vacuum that would be in the discharge line unless system was run with higher pressures - which would drive up pumping costs. Otherwise, from a mineral standpoint, nothing is corrosive or causes buildup.

    I settle with a closed vertical loop, 1.5" pipe, ungrouted well. EWT is ~40 during heaving heating demand (much of this winter). Pumping is 197 watts.
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    Blake, would your set up still be worth the effort with only a 15' head, 400' well, variable speed SQE Grunfos pump, and a 3T geo unit? Would you achieve relatively the same efficiency by just installing a mechanical pressure reducing valve on the geo inlet line (after the pressure tank and house water/geo T), but without the added electronics and transducers?
  3. Douglas Bittinger

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    Blake, I'd like more details on your system and how did the subdivision project go??

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