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Discussion in 'Standing Column Well (SCW)' started by Oddzervations, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Oddzervations

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    I have my system running fine now but I need to seal with the emergency bleed when waters temps fall off during the very cold winters here in Western Massachusetts. I have a standing column well system and get freeze stat alarms when temps dive on long run cycle periods. Can someone please forward or instruct me how to set up a 10% auto bleed?
  2. engineer

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    Probably don't want continuous 10% bleed

    A better method might be to have a bleed valve controlled by two temperature switches in parallel. One would close at temps less than 40 or thereabouts, the other would close at temps greater than 85 or thereabouts.

    Since SCW is more common in New England, you should be able to find a local expert to set this up for you. One good resource is Northeastgeo in southern NH.
  3. Oddzervations

    Oddzervations New Member

    Next step

    I purchased a bleed kit and need to know how to set it up. I have the temp controller (aqua stat) and a geo-taco valve. Now how does it hook up?
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    Your aquastat needs to be able to have two set points and two outputs- one for heating and one for cooling. Wire the outputs in parallel to the bleed valve. The aquastat needs have a sensor that measures entering water temperature. When the EWT is drops below somwhere around 40 in heating or rises above 85 in cooling, the aquastat closes and opens the solenoid valve.

    Be careful where you bleed to, there are new regulations set forth by the Mass DEP that limit bleed amount, if any is alowed in your situation at all.

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