solar power,fossil fuel,and geothermal power

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    Hi Folks!
    I found this web site on the internet and I am new to geothermal energy and my question may be a little too simple but here it goes.
    1) In the picture there is a tank and it says vase dexpansion next to it
    I thought expansion valves looked different than that.
    Chauffage au soleil - Idé

    In this video there are 2 red tanks and they look like the ones in the first web site I have on top
    ‪Purging and flushing a Ground Source Heat Pump System‬‏ - YouTube

    Also in that first link I have
    There is solar power,fossil fuel,and geothermal power giving energy to the hot water tank.
    How would I get more information on working on a system like this because most likely peole will have an excisting system and they will want to add solar or geo to it.

    My goal is to have a geo certification so I am doing research and getting myself familiar with the basics
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    more info

    If I were you would have posted this in the main forum,it gets more traffic. I doubt you will see this because it's so old but whatever...

    Where are you located? There is a lot to know in this industry, especially the hydronic side of things, If you really are that green the only way you will learn is by experience which you will get a really hard unpleasant dose of if you pursue this on your own. I recommend that you get on with a reputable installation company and do an apprenticeship like I say there is a lot to learn that you cannot possibly get by yourself.

    Good luck.

    PM me if you need some help.

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