River Water - will it clog? Freeze?

Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by francis.carden@gmail.com, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. francis.carden@gmail.com

    francis.carden@gmail.com Franky of Atlanta

    I pump river water to my irrigation system and it's all good. Going to use same system to put an open loop system into my GEOThermal setup. Two Questions;

    In contractors view, River water (I have a great filter) can still clog the system. He recommends another fine filter the help. Any idea's on one? I assume it can be cleaned regularly. Also, is there any preventative maintenance I can do (contractor can do). Say, once a month/year, clean out what might "clog"? What is the part that could clog here? Is it expensive to replace/repair/maintain (clean).

    Next Question. Assume I will be using the river water to help heat in the water (when air is below river water temp), I can "freeze" protect as best as possible any exposed pipe near the unit but the pump / pipe coming out of the river is going to be harder to protect. To date, I go for the low-risk option of winterizing the RIver pump but now I won't be doing that. Do I have to go back to a submersible pump or, is the risk low given the temp flow from the river, when it's really cold should result in the system coming on enough times in a cold night to prevent freezing. The river is rarely below 45 degrees!
  2. Mark Custis

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    Somebody invented the wheel,

    ....it is round and runs on an axle. Yes it will clog. Yes it can freeze. That is why someone invented closed systems using flat plate heat ex-changers.

    You are making this too difficult. You are not looking at the whole house system.


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