Returning GEO Water Discharge to Well

Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by CommanderDave, Sep 9, 2022.

  1. CommanderDave

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    I have an open loop geothermal system that takes water from a deep well in the front yard of my home and discharges it into a pond located on the property. I also have a deep well installed at the pond which is used only to supplement the pond's water level (both wells tap into the same aquifer). The GEOs discharge water line is very near the pond well. I am having an issue every winter with the 6gpm discharge line freezing because it was not installed with enough slope or large enough diameter pipe. I want to consider rerouting it into the pond well casing to keep it from freezing. My well driller has recommended against this saying that the water dropping into the casing will cause cavitation and any chemical changes to the water from the Geo unit may eventually cause scaling, all which could affect the pump. Water temperature from the Geo is only a few degrees warmer than the well water from the pump and my water tests have shown good quality water. Anyone have recommendations on whether I should do this or not?
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    Pump and dump into a different well is common. But scaling can be a problem. If the heat pump heating the water causes any solids to precipitate out of solution it can clog the perforation in the discharge well. If it doesn't cause solids it will work fine. Also, the discharge pipe needs to be installed below the water level to keep from aerating the water as it falls into the discharge well.

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