Maryland Release notes for WF firmware updates?

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    Hello. New member here. I had a WF Series 7 4 ton and Series 5 split 3 ton installed this past December. Amazing systems.

    I’m also a tech person and I love the data and understand how the system “think”. I’ve accessed the system via the local network and web based AID, although I have not changed any settings aside from fan only speed because fan speed 2, the default was nearly useless. I’m wondering if anyone here has the release notes on for the Series 7 firmware upgrades, ABC Board 3.04 (mine is on 3.03) and AXB Board 2.01 (not sure where to look for mine). I asked the tech about it, but he didn’t seem like he knew about the Symphony system or firmware in general. I have the full performance monitoring package, but my dealer doesn’t use the tech portal to do preliminary troubleshooting, which seems like a waste. I’m from a tech background, so firmware upgrades are usually a good thing. Waterfurnace keeps this info behind the dealer portal, which is disappointing. So I;m hoping someone here can share it.

    Should I be push my tech to install the update? Are there improvements to optimize the system?

    Thanks for the help!
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