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    I have a climate Master geothermal unit and the taco zone valve fails after about a year. I saw somewhere where they use rain Bird irrigation valves instead of the taco valve. But my taco valve has a end switch where the rain Bird only has the two wires going to it does anybody know if you can just use it without the end switch hooked up?
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    I replaced the Tacos on our open loop system with the Hunter ICV valve and never had a failure.
    The below exchange was on this forum in 2009. I saved it because our Taco valves were failing all the time.

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    Irrigation valves - very interesting, and certainly easily available and super economical.
    However, there is no end switch that I know of on those. With the Taco valves, which
    take about 60 seconds to fully activate, the compressor is only activated by the switch in
    the valve once fully open.
    The Hunter ICV series is their best heavy duty commercial valve that they compare to
    the durability of brass. Costs about double of a standard irrigation valve, but found online
    at $47 for the 1" its still a good amount less than even the cheaper Taco 571. The HPV
    model is heavy duty and likely fine for this application and less than half that price. both
    have built in flow controllers and anti-hammer design. Many good options from Toro and
    Rainbird also but I've always liked Hunter products.

    But where does the thermostat control come from with an irrigation valve so the
    compressor doesn't start before the water is flowing? With no end switching capability
    both will start at the same time. I don't see in the Tranquility 27 manual the option for a
    built in delay-on function.
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    The irrigation type valve will open immediately, no delay is necessary.

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