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Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by JCMEnergy, Jan 9, 2017.

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    I read the post "Zero pressure flow center" but not sure if that is a solution for my system. I don't have any leaks.
    I just had my old geothermal system replaced with a climatemaster TZ unit. It's a closed ground loop system. The loop is already filled with glycol. The installer poured water to fill the tubes between the pump and the unit. I argued that it needed pressure and that he would never get all the air out of the system that way. I know/believe the best method is to use a flush cart to get the air out of the system but he does not have one. The current plan is to put a T with a hose connection and a valve at the top of the loop (which is higher than the unit). The idea is to top off what little water is needed in the system with water under pressure and then let the air out as it rises. Will this work?
    The system is in the attic. When the original system was installed they used the flush cart at the loop head which is outside in an irrigation box under ground.

    The system is running fine now but I'm concerned about the long term effects.
    Any advice is appreciated.
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    There are workarounds, but simply put, your unit should be properly purged and pressurized.

    This can be done without a purge cart - big bucket and pump for example. But this should be within your installers' skillset.
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