Pump and re-inject.... How much is enough

Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by Rig 40, May 15, 2012.

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    We have been approached to drill pump and re-inject wells. for a large (100k) square ft commercial building. We have done multiple systems like this for schools and smaller public admin buildings. Question is, is it better to drill multiple smaller wells to supply 100gpm per our go bigger and drill a couple 10 in holes producing 1000 gpm per. Just looking do a way to bid these jobs that aren't readily available to some of our competitors. thanks in advance

  2. waterpirate

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    I prefer to never put all my easter eggs in one basket. I allways do multiple wells, all variable speed. If you can get some intel from the engineer or the mechanical about actual application of the wells you could potentially crush your competition.

    IGSHPA says 3gpm, but a lot of actual field specs are as low as 1.5gpm per ton. That makes a huge differance in pumps and well size and number.
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    We are just working on a 100 ton open system, at that size I would do a minimum of 2 supply and 3 discharge wells. The problem is usually not the supply but to get rid of the water! 1.5 GPM is spec from all manufactures with EWT above 50F, which is the case pretty much anywhere in the continental US.

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