Ontario Proposed and installed, now having major issues

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    Hi everyone
    Some of you may be following the thread on the troubleshooting forum, "5 ton Geo running 24/7"

    Here is the information on the system and installation.

    The house is a 1840 stone home with attached 35 year old garage/apartment.
    The main house has original double hung windows, original front door. with very little insulation.
    The attached garage/apartment is 35 years old with 2x6 wood framing and insulation.

    What was specified to the sales rep:
    NO windows will be replaced in the old part of the house, and to please size the unit accordingly.
    A NEW fully insulated addition will be added to the main house, roughly the same size as the house .

    The J Load calculation form the original installer is attached to this thread.

    What was proposed, quoted and installed:

    Closed pond loop, with glycol antifreeze, loop supplies both Heat pumps
    The loop is 350 ft from the house. The pond never freeze completely, it is spring fed.

    Nordic R-Series HP: R-25-HACW-P-1T-C-SDERF-07 with Geofinity Flow center, dual pump, Type UP, 26-116U. This 2 ton unit heats/cools the apartment above the garage

    Nordic R-Series HP: R-65-HACW-P-1T-C-SDELF-07 With Hydro Flow Flow center, dual pump, Type UP, 26-116F. This 5-ton unit heats/cools the main house and was to supply the new addition.

    a 60 gallon and a 40 gallon mass hot water tank connected in series were supplied.
    the 5 ton desuperheater is connected to these.

    10KW duct heaters in each unit as Aux heat.

    These modifications to the house were done after the installation:
    The attic of the main home was insulated to a value of R-58.8, 2 months after the installation of the system.
    All the windows in the main home were caulked to reduce air infiltration. The basement windows are covered with foam board during the winter months.

    All windows of the apartment have recently been replaced, and wall insulation upgraded to today's standards.

    What should or could have been done differently?

    Thank you

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    You did most of it right, including upgrading your thermal envelope. Your system seems to be sized ok.
    I don't think anything could have done differently, except your loop design with pressure drop and pumping, and probably the quality of the install given what was visible on your pictures (but that is my own personal taste. Somehow your 5 ton does not run at full capacity anymore, something is wrong with your refrigerant circuit, which is not necessarily the fault of the installer.

    The issue with your loop and your flow indeed is on him.

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