Premature pump head failures - CP-75 constant pressure open loop

Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by zzdodge, Mar 29, 2013.

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    I have a system I installed in 2006, which consists of a CP-75 constant pressure pump, feeding a 4-ton system, and then draining into a different well. The flow is set to about 12 GPM. I also use water for irrigation around the house, during the dry season.

    The pump head is a F&W 4F19S10, and after the first three months of use, I started getting metal particles into the filter I placed before the HP. The pump failed the first day below zero. Luckly I had a pump in the discharge well, and was able to use that to heat until a warranty pump could be shipped and installed.

    Now, about 6 years later, the pump has failed again. It has been suggested that the overdriven pumps, like the CP-75 system uses, are prone to early failures.

    I am wondering if anyone with more information or experience might comment on this. Meanwhile I'm getting tired of pulling the well pump. Oh, the details, the well is 30 gpm, 75' deep, and the pump at 60', with the static water at 28'

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