Pennsylvania Overflowing discharge well--fix or replace?

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    Hi all,

    I have a 5-year-old, 5-ton Trane Trane T2GX open-loop geo unit. The loops and wells are 27 years-old. Lately, I noticed the discharge well is overflowing within minutes of the unit turning on. The water level in that well drops about 1 foot/minute (1.5 gallons/foot in a 6" pipe?). Clearly, not enough capacity to handle outflow. This issue may be seasonal (variation of water table levels, etc.). The water is running off into a neighboring empty wooded lot, but I 'm concerned someone will raise the issue.

    As I see it I have several options:
    1. Fix the well. Unfortunately, the well driller I called wasn't too forthcoming with fixes.
    2. Dig a new well to handle the excess water. Are open loop discharge wells still allowed in my area?
    3. Convert to a closed-loop system. The source (household) and discharge wells are about 30' apart, so I think a new well will need to be dug. I don't think I have enough space for horizontal field.
    4. Abandon the geo and install a new air-air heat pump.
    Does anyone have any thoughts about how to address this situation or options I haven't considered?

    For reference, I'm in the Poconos at 1,900' elevation (climate zone 5/6). The soil has a lot of clay and drains slowly. This house is used mostly in the summer and only occasionally in the winter. There's minimal A/C, so most of the problem is during heating season. Electric is the primary source.

    Thank you for any ideas.

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