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Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by matt42, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Hi guys! I am really new to this but have read a lot of great info here. I am new to this geo stuff but am very interested in it. I am in the process of excavating a 3.5 - 4 acre pond on my property in northeast ohio. I am going to be building a 2400sqft home on this property in another year or two am tryin to lay the ground work for an open pond loop system. Well water is bad in my area and hard to come by a good one so the pond is the best use here. There will also be another 1600sqft house using the same well with separate pumps for geo.
    I need some info on the best design of pond side well to use for this open loop system. Attempts to get info from local contractors has been terrible. None of them install open loop and will not even discuss it. My guess is that they do not know much about them or there is no real money in it for them. I just want to get this right the first time and haven't seen much info about designing inlet and outlet systems on a pond. I have been discussing with my excavator about using a 12" casing with a "T" out into the pond at about 6' down. Any thoughts? Can anyone give me pros and cons on any different types of designs. Thank you in advance for any info.

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    Your best application for long life and no hassles is prolly a closed pond loop, not open. I would be hesitant to do an open pond loop due to possible biologic interferance. Some one will have to clean the frogs, turtles, and ducks from your intake screen. lol Research slimjims and pond slinkys. Send Mark Custiss a pm, he is in your area and can help with your project.
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    Oh no! I am in time out! The dreaded moderation software glitch! lol
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    I would look at a closed loop in the pond.
  5. dgbair

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    For a pond, I think you would want to do a closed loop system. I've never heard/read of anyone doing a open loop in a pond. I would guess sediment would foul up the system pretty quickly.

    You are going to want the pond to be 10-12 ft deep and then sink your loops to the bottom of the pond.

    Maybe Mark will comment some more.
  6. Mark Custis

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    I am not understanding the open loop. Why take a chance on fouling you heat ex-changer?

    See the picture to the left? It is a closed loap in a pond right here in Northeastern Ohio.

    One can work around bad well water with a tanker truck.

  7. AMI Contracting

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    The trick will be getting the necessary gpm when you need it. So if you happen to get a plugged inlet in January someone's gonna have to take an axe to go swimming.
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    Thank you all for your responses. Mark, our original plan was to use the "t" type of inlet configuration then we decided on going with a well casing in a gravel bed. We were also going to use a double manfolded heat exchanger approach located externally from the geo furnace and a small closed loop inside the home to keep the pond water isolated from the geo pump's exchanger. Since, I havent heard anything very positive about using a pond for open loop i have been giving considerations to the closed pond loop. My original plan was mainly to keep installation costs down but I fear that sediment might be such a real issue for the gravel bed and fitering might be more often than I would like this may be a maitenance nitemare. I suppose it would work if I had a great ground source well but, that just will never happen where I am in Ashtabula, ohio.
    Can you give me any examples of some good diy types of pond loop designs that have been proven to work well? Also since the home wont be built for another year to year and a half what size of system should I plan for in a 2400sq ft home. I would like to put the loop in before the pond starts to take on water. Who and where would you reccomend getting the necassary supplies for doing this loop sys? We are upgrading the overflow to be an adjustable type so we can keep the water level low or drain down whenever. Unless, you can reccommend a good affordable loop installer i plan on saving some money and doing as much of this myself as i can. Setting up and connecting the internal system/startup I most likely leave to an expert. Any advice or comments welcome. Thanks.
  9. waterpirate

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    Hdpe pipe is cheap when compared to the expense of the installation you described with the isolation plate exchanger inside the home. Find the search buttton here and you will be happy for the entire holiday weekend, reading up.
  10. Mark Custis

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    I have 15 tons of geo loops in a pond in Valley City, Ohio. All done by amateur hands. I have hundreds of photos to prove it.

    Send me a PM here and we can talk about your project.

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