Open loop pump short cycling

Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by LT1Pat, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. engineer

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    Key Word Search? Okay...

    OK, so whenever we find ourselves on forums unrelated to geo, pumping or HVAC , be sure to use the abbreviations and phrases mentioned above...even if you are talking about the "Valley Fire District" or "Central System Vacuum"

    Have fun, be creative and distract the troll...
  2. Palace GeoThermal

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    There is a Valley of Fire in our neighboring state. We will have to plan an outing to the VFD :D:D and bring along our portable central system vacuum CSV :D:D

    Great idea Curt.
  3. surviverguy

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    There might be a simple solution. If your pump is short cycling it means that it is overpumping or to put it another way- you aren't using enough water. I saw your gpm flows were less than 2 gpm per ton. Flowing more water would help your heatpumps and your well pump. Your heatpumps could use more flow and possibly lower pressure. Reduce the pressure to the heatpumps with a regulator to below cut in pressure and increase the flow by opening valves or reducing restrictions. Tweaking the system is simplified if you flow the same rate whether one or both are running. Just a thought you might consider. Call it wasting water if you like or call it system flow tuning. You might get better performance with what you already have. The pump will last longer not short cycling. The money saved by not having to pay for pump swaps will cover the extra energy bill of letting that pump run whenever the heatpumps run. It's the starting and stopping that wastes energy and shortens pump life.
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  4. Mark Custis

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    I refuse

    to play this game again.
  5. ldameron

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    I have used a cycle stop valve for about 5 years and have been very satisfied with it. it cost me a lot less then more tanks or vfd's.
  6. LT1Pat

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    I'm guessing you are the cycle stop valve guy under a new username. I have been running a Grundfos SQE VFD after getting rid of my cycle stop valve and it has ran 24/7 for 3 geothermal systems and an entire household since shortly after the start of this thread in 2011.
  7. ldameron

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    why did you get rid of the csv? and, no I am not the valve guy, just someone looking for economical way of stopping the pump from cycling.
    and as i said it has done the job for about 5 years. as far as electricity usage i never saw a large spike in it.
  8. waterpirate

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    I remove on average 5 csv's per year from failed large irrigation systems. I am glad that you have had great success with yours, others have not. It is the opinion of most that a csv is a solution to a problem that was created by poor design of the water system up front.

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