Newbie needs another fundamental question answered

Discussion in 'Radiant Heating and Cooling' started by bILL wILT, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. bILL wILT

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    Still new to the geothermal concept and am wondering exactly how a w-w geo pump is use to heat radiant floor heating.

    I know you can use a pump to produce hot water, but will it make just warm water, or is hot water mixed with cooler water?
    Is zone temperature regulated more by water flow or water temperature or both?

    Seems it would be more efficient (and better for the pump) to just warm the water (to about 130 or so for loss/storage) with a variable speed pump rather than mixing it with a cycling pump. And I mean a truly variable pump (if they make those), not something like stage 1 or 2. And, after water temperature has been initially "tempered".

    And then, is a DSH any benefit with a variable speed pump?

    This is all assuming a buffer tank, correct flow for zones, a few thousand more variables, etc., and another source for DHW.
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  2. wing

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    You are looking at a $100K plus investment decision on a HVAC system for new build construction. Really you owe it to yourself to study and understand the basic principals. One of the best references out there is Siegenthaler’s Modern Hydeonic Heating, $30 to rent on
    Amazon and you can download it over the web.
  3. gsmith22

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    no doubt that text is the bible for hydronic heating. I noticed Siegenthaler has an eBook series at pm magazine: www dot pmmag dot com/articles/102245-modern-hydronics-done-right

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