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    Just a quick report on a new system we had installed last Oct. It's a 3 ton Climatemaster Tranquility 27 with a horizontal ground loop, and desuperheater plumbed to an aux. tank that feeds our existing elect. water heater. It replaced a 20 yr. old forced air oil furnace in our 1400 sq ft older house (1840's vintage).

    Most years we heated with wood rather than oil (wood stove) and circumstances this year made it impossible for me to get my wood out of the woods (I usually went through about 6 full cords), and unlikely that I'd be doing much wood heating in the future. Rather than throw money away on oil to the tune of close to 3k per year, we decided to have a geo system installed, after taking advantage of a free energy audit, and doing some needed air sealing myself.

    So far the geo system is working better than expected. Having a constant temperature in the house is something that is totally foreign to us after many years with wood. Air quality in the house is so much better than ever, especially compared to the oil furnace which we had to use through the end of Oct. The geo system works as a whole house air filter compared to the old ducts and furnace which worked more like a whole house dust allergy creator. Humidity levels in the house are much improved as well. We did opt for a whole house humidifier added to the system, but didn't even need it til recently.

    The system kept us toasty in recent 0 degree weather, though I'd like to go through at least a week or 2 more of that cold stuff, just to prove to me that it's up to the job (after that, spring can come anytime). So, we haven't been through all of Jan and Feb yet, but so far, Nov, cost me about $35 worth of electricity for heating and Dec. around $65 ($ .11 / kwh current rate around here including delivery and taxes). This is with geo wood burned. It has been warmer than usual here this year but electrical use has been less than I would have expected considering this.

    So, yea, it cost a bit up front, but looks like it will easily pay it's cost off over oil in the 7 years we estimated the payback to be.
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    Great news I am very happy to hear that another person in NY did the install.

    I am getting my home energy audit done this Monday.
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    Just an update on the system. I've uploaded a jpeg chart of our electical usage over the last couple of years. The geo system was put in Oct. 2011. Our electical usage over last winter from Nov- May was around 2700 kwh total over our average power usage over the last couple of years prior. Bottom line being that the geo system made less than a $300 electric impact to heat my home last winter. We're currently enjoying the ac that I never thought I needed. We did a fair amount of air conditioning in June this year. It didn't seem to impact the electric usage for the month of June at all.

    Note: 10/23/12 chart updated to include home electrical use for the 1st full year of operation. Did a fair amount of ac use over the summer without impacting the electrical bill much at all compared to previous years. Very happy camper with this system.

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    Who was your installer?
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    I live in Wisconsin and am thinking your weather might be comparable to mine. How cold does it usually get or can you give me the name of a town that you live near so i can look up the average temps? Also, you mention a couple of months and say geo only. Did you use other fuel source for heat in other months or was it strictly geothermal?
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    Depending where you are in Wi., we are probably pretty similar. My zip is 14867. Climate zone 6. Winter design temp is 2 degrees F. Summer design temp. 90 degrees. Aux. balance point is 7 degrees F. We did spend several nights below zero this winter. This last winter was colder than the previous one, but our electric usage was comparable (about 15% more this winter over last).

    We have now had the geo system in for 2 heating seasons and love it. I am currently basking in the air conditioning and like that as well.

    I do still have a wood stove, but haven't burned it since we put the geo in 2 years ago. I am no longer cutting wood due to an injury, and couldn't buy firewood for what the geo system costs me to run (we buy our power as wind power for about $0.12 per KWH). Dollar wise, this works out to less than $400 per season for heating for us (based on what our electric usage average was the 2 years prior to installing the geo system).
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    I am also in climate zone 6. Thanks for the info.

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