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Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by Kevin, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

    Hello, I am trying to narrow down exactly what type of system to install. The leading system right now is an open loop with a dump well. Do people typically use an intermediate heat exchanger for these systems? Or do they run the raw water through the heat pump? If I should use one, any pointers?

    We are going to have one 5 ton unit and one 3 ton unit.
  2. docjenser

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    You loose efficiency if you run things through a heat exchanger first. Heatpump should be ordered with a corrosion resistant CU-Ni coil. make sure the water quality is high, check the requirements in the installation manual before you buy.
    In general, if we have the choice, we try to discourage from open system. You have better control over a closed system

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