Michigan New Geo-Flo GPM circulation pump noise

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by d_rek, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. docjenser

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    Appears to be just condensation, which is normal.
  2. d_rek

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    I removed the insulating boot from the valve just to take a picture of it. All of the lines are covered in about 1/2" insulating foam.
  3. docjenser

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    It does not appear to be an excessive amount of water, more likely condensation. Any area exposed, such as the p/t port will allow condensation.
  4. mrrxtech

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    I tried to read all of the posts but the usual bantering took up too much space.

    D if I had your problem I would turn the thermostat off, Unscrew the plug on each of the two loop circulation pumps and allow air along with some of the loop water to drain out a few seconds. You can catch the liquid in a jar and check for foreign objects like sand or loop plastic pieces. I'm sure a filter was used during the Fill & Flush so there shouldn't be any particles in the loop.

    These canned rotor/stator pumps have water cooled & lubed bearings so you can expect noise if the water is displaced by air. They are Ceramic so they might be able to take the heat for a while. Your pumps may be fine after you get the air out of your system.

    When the system starts back up listen to see if you have an improvement. You will need to add some more loop water, since I'm betting the air is collecting at your pumps, and high points.

    What you will have in a new system/loop is air pockets that are slowly making their way through the system. I would put more water in the loop and add a high point vent (brass air removal float valve) to allow the air to come out.

    As far as your installer goes, he owes you since he should warrant his work or get out of the business.
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  5. mrrxtech

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    Is it possible that Turbidity has been used in place of Water Turbulence? Water turbulence would break up laminar layers that form inside of the loop wall that can inhibit heat transfer from the main water flow to the earth.

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