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    I am writing here for my father, we live in France and he doesn't speak English. I will try to describe the situation first :

    4 years ago he installed a geothermal heat pump with an open loop based on the dealer advice. The dealer told him that a close loop was bad because the ground would lose all it temperature after a while and then the system would become useless. My father didn't get a very good education, I couldn't find a way to make him understand that the dealer was wrong. So after drilling two wells we now have an open loop and a geothermal system. The water in the well has never been test for hardness, iron particles... and off course there is some thin sand in the water. As a result the open loop pumps are breaking, and we have to change them each year sometime several times a year.

    I would like to upgrade the open loop pump to a more robust model which will resist to sand. We had some Franklin, Jetly and Dab pumps in the past with plastic and inox impellers without much success. Around 1/2 hp and 4" diameter and the well is 68 feet deep. I would like some advice/feedback on a good model.

    I joined this forum because there is not enough resources on the subject in my country and I was hopping to find some experienced user and help on this forum.

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    You may need to develop the well first. To get the sand out of your well. Did anybody leave you with a well log? The drillers on this forum may be able to help you out with some details.

    Where are you discharging? In to a second well? You definitely don't want to be discharging sandy water in to a second borehole.
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    Deleted post. I was off topic. Better advice from the well guy below.
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    There are well pumps that are designed to handle the abrasive fines that others will not. A change in pump brand/ manufacturer and a good well rehab may serve your father well. Pun intended,

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