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    Hello all,

    I am a new registered member but have been lurking and researching for some time and decided to go with the geo heat pump and here is my story.

    In April 2018 our home of 20 years burned to the ground from an undetermined cause according to the insurance inspectors and fire marshall. Basically they both said due to nothing of the home remaining except ashes they were unable to determine the cause.

    This home was equipped with Forced air propane furnace and central air conditioning. R-13 Walls and R38 ceiling and standard construction used at the time.

    1550 sq ft home with full finished walkout basement, so right at 3000 square feet of finished space, in central Missouri.

    Electric is currently 9.9 cents kw up to 800 and 8.9 after that.
    Propane in the area last winter, since that was the last time i bought it, was about $1.75 per gallon. It does vary depending on time of year and of course supply and demand.

    My electric bill averaged $90 per month, so low in the winter and higher in the summer.
    I averaged 750-1000 gallons of propane used per year.
    We also had a pellet stove that we would run in the late afternoons and evening while we were home, so we burned about 50 bags per season.(1 ton is about $325)

    We kept our home at 72-74 when we were home and turned it down to 68 every morning when we went to work and every evening when we went to bed.

    So, approximate utilities are as follows averaged over 12 months.

    Electric $90
    Propane $140
    Pellets $25
    Monthly estimate $255.00

    On to today.

    We rebuilt a 1600 sq ft ranch with full finished walkout basement. Different floorplan but similar in size.
    We had all exterior wall including all the walls in the garage, all rim joist and walkout basement wall spray foamed with close cell foam. The contractor was excellent and went above and beyond to seal every gap, box, hole and anything else he could find. Attic is blown in to R49 according to the contractor and verified by me.

    In talking with the HVAC guy that takes care of my rentals he said I should do GEO. He did all the research and gave me bids for GEO, Air source heat pump and Forced air propane with central air.

    Of course the propane was the cheapest at around $11-12000. Air source was about $15-16000 and the geo was estimated at $24-25000. I went with the geothermal climatemaster tranquility 30 3 ton system with 3 vertical wells that are 250 feet deep. It also heats my water when it is running. Total cost was $24600.

    Everything went smooth and we moved in on Feb 1st 2019. Here is my first electric bill for my all electric home. Needless to say I am very happy.(There is a $20 per month connection fee to be hooked up to the coop) so total bill was $132.93 I will report back in a few months with more readings.

    Edit...I leave my thermostat on 72 all the time now.

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    Wow, that is quite a story. I am glad that you are happy in your new home.
    I have a Tranquility 27, 3T system - with a horizontal field instead of the vertical wells.

    In Ontario Canada the Hydro costs are from 8.16-13.2 cents per kw/h based on hours of use - and I used 1736 kw of energy in the last month (Feb)
    That equates to $232.00 with distribution costs. We have all LED lighting, and are a family of 4. Electric Stove and Electric Washer/Dryer are the only other consumers.....

    I keep my house at 70 F during 6-10pm, then back to 68 for the remainder - could be insulated better I guess

    It sounds like your costs are extremely low - that is great. Is it because of the insulation factor do you think?
    Is the Tranquility 30 similar to the 27 except larger? Perhaps VFD or something?
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    I think the insulation in this house is much better. I did a lot of research on the spray foam also and got 3 bids. 2 of the contractors did all kinds of insulation and one only did spray foam.

    Estimates to envelope the entire home with spray foam ranged from $11000-15000. To compare, the bids to use batt insulation and blown cellulose in the attic were around $3000.

    I went in between and spray foamed exterior walls and r49 cellulose in the attic for a cost of $6250. Many of the contractors that came in after the insulation said it was one of the better jobs they had seen so that made me feel pretty good about it.

    Not sure on differences between the 27 and 30. I did read a little about the different units but a lot of that goes over my head.

    My HVAC guy installed a geo system in the office building I work in and it seems to keep everyone comfortable so I decided to ha e it done.

    BTW I also got a rebate from the electric coop of $2250. It was $750 per ton and also the 30% tax credit so after that it really was hard not to go with this system.
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    SE Colorado: Have a 31 year old Command Aire Geothermal 2 stage heat/1 cool Heat Pump with duct mounted heat strip for aux or emerg. heat - all original components still run great on an orig. closed loop pressurized system. Did replace compressor and rev. valve after 24 years - but think non geo hvac may have incorrectly replaced compressor before finding the stuck rev. valve. Grundflos circ. pump original and replaced orig Command Air thermo last week with a Braeburn non programming thermo to have a bit more control. The horiz. loop never touched and can get house to 57 degrees when outside temp = 110 (was curious). Loop estimated to last 100 to 200 years. This is an early SIP build w/passive solar, 31 years ago windows and insul not as good. The old Geo is EER 11 and COP 4.1 and given kw cost still performs well.

    This should encourage you on the investment payback. 12.5 cents per kw here - cost last winter to heat unusually high at $199 per month for 2500 plus sq. feet. But found freon needed a charge and new house wiring left exposed and leaching to earth. Should drop a bunch now. To all - not changing filters will cost you on these systems. Another thought, my rural elect put in a split meter to charge 5 to 6 cents per kw during off hours due to amount of energy saving items - plus the rebates. Only sound from the system is air moving from registers - absolutely silent while running. Clean - quiet - mother nature friendly and all costs (including the 2 repairs) amortized over the 31 years means the system's purchase cost has been $257 per year...and dropping.
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    Just an update and more info for anyone that is interested. We are very happy with the performance of our system. I have posted our utilities and as you can see the climatemaster is doing great. We moved in at the end of February 2019 so March was the first bill using the new system. We had our thermostat on 74 all summer.

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