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  1. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    When the pros are adding hot and cold tanks to a heat pump, what's a few good options for electric valves to divert the flow to the required areas?

    Looking for 1" full throat 120v or 24v coils. Don't want a tee type valves. Just straight valves.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. urthbuoy

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  3. docjenser

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    I am exclusively with Belimo. Pricey, but high quality. I do prefer the 3 way valves for simplicity. Be aware that one of the ports has a 2% leakage designed in. So we always put 2 valves (even pricier), one one the supply, one on the return, with one circuit leaving the A port and going into the B port, and vice versa.
  4. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    I was not aware you could get full throat tee valves Doc. I will look into that more. Thanks.
  5. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    See attached. Don't get confused by the disk in there, nor must you remove it.

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  6. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    Update. It's been very mild here so far.

    I noticed the house unit running in stage 2 most of the time when it's running. I played with some settings to delay stage 2 from energizing for 1 hour. After that change stage 2 has not been on at all. I'm still busy and have not ordered logging but it will be my winter project.

    Just received my Electric bill and was very pleased with the $7.04 that it cost to run my heat for that month. (Mild month)
    Recently I've been busy with a project in the shop that required 70 deg shop Temps (I usually keep it at 50) that unit also runs very well.

    In the last 2 weeks with both units running I'm up to about 20 bucks in electrical use. Very happy!

    I know they are running very efficient with the warmer days and loop Temps so the efficiency will go down as it gets colder but so far we are happy and comfortable!
  7. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    Electric bill came yestarday.

    53.09 for just the heating portion of the bill. Still very happy. This included a fair amount of extra usage from the shop running above normal setpoint for 3 weeks. (75 vs normal 55)

    I also started to insulate the floor over the garage. Maybe Santa will bring me a well data logger. :)

    My only issue is in one room the hbx-0200 allows the temp to drop a full degree before kicking back on. So before the floor can recover and start heating the room it drops 2.5 deg.
    I read the instructions for the Stat but can't find a way to adjust the difference.:(

    Anyone know the Hbx line up and can tell me if it's something I can change?
  8. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    This month's bill is in. Still been mild weather around here.


    I noticed the other day when it was windy my old windows leak pretty bad even with the storm windows closed.

    Last year I started to replace windows, I started with 2 windows in one wall. Both Crestline. Triple pained, gas filled. Payed extra to get the ZO-E shield 7 package. (Best wind resistance) Bought them at the local home improvement store. I'm very disappointed with them. They leak badly.
    And it's not a poor install, they are double hung and leak around the moving frames.

    Wondering if anyone can give any recommendations for quality windows?
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  9. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Hey Andy:

    Glass block? Pella or Anderson not from the big box.

  10. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    I'm guessing the big box offers lower quality with the same name?
    Appears to be a trend with the big box stores. Happy I only bought 2 and not a whole house worth of junk windows.
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  11. Hp Home

    Hp Home Member

    My two cents-

    Casement and awning windows are much better than single or double hung. They cost more but they are way tighter.

    When installing- air seal the inside and outside thoroughly. Caulking, tape, backer rod, spray foam, etc. Except the exterior side of the sill, you want that to drain in case anything ever leaks.

    Windows tend to be somewhat regional as glass does not always travel well. But there are people getting windows from Europe that are twice as good as anything here (U values around 0.15). I don't know what it cost or how to get it so I settled for the best we have around here (U values around 0.25-0.3).
  12. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Thanks, Andy, same to you and yours.

  13. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader


    Everything was taped sealed and spray foamed.
  14. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    Thanks for the reply I'll look into these other options.
  15. Hp Home

    Hp Home Member

    That is really good glass and I bet it was not cheap. I would guess something with the frames is where the problem lies.

    Green building talk forum has some good window stuff to read.
  16. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    So I was poking around with my systems today and came across something that suprised me a little. In another discussion we talked about load water temperatures greatly impacting COP.

    My detached shop has a radiant slab. I keep it set to 55 deg. This in turn keeps the shop at 55 deg. My LLT are typically 76 deg while in stage 2. This is off the charts for my GSHP. Today I took some amp readings. The following is the shop GSHP including both circulators in stage 2.


    Not bad right?

    Now compare to the same size and brand heat pump in the house. This also includes the circulators on both sides of this unit. LLT is 115 and it's running in stage 1.


    And I waited till it stage 2 kicked in.


    So my shop GSHP runs at a lower amperage in stage 2 then my house GSHP runs in stage 1. All due to the "magic" of LLT. :)
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  17. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    It's been interesting the last few days watching the system run. It's been down to -6f and a high of 12 deg the last few days. Right around 0-5 degs is where I start needing aux heat. Looking back on my calculations (spreadsheet) I'm right on where I calculated!

    Also last night they did a 6 hour remote power interruption. So now my LP backups are fully tested and they kick on automatically just like they are designed to.

    According to my calculations and based on the average HDD my system will require less then 20 gallons of LP, not counting the usage while they remotely interrupt my heat pumps.

    Still a very Happy camper with my systems.

    EWT in about 32-34 deg. And that seems normal from what others tell me. Starting to freeze the ground around the loops.

    Only problem so far has been my own fault. The other day watching the system run the gshp kicked off when it was still calling for heat. Opened up the unit and the fault code was loop 1 frezze. I forgot to cut the resistor for having antifreeze in the ground loop. Powered it down cut the resistor, powered back up and runs great.
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  18. As far as the mice keeping out goes, female (spayed) cats usually do a great job.
  19. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    No cats here. Not one mouse in the traps this winter so far. Looks like all the foam sealing I have been doing is working.
  20. heatoldhome

    heatoldhome Geo Student Forum Leader

    It has been pretty cold this last month. Back to the normal weather.

    2134 kwh on both the Geo systems this last month. $141.27

    Even with extremely now LP prices thats approximately $250 savings over LP.
    Aux LP figured in.

    Happy Happy Happy!

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