Monodrive XT vs. Cycle Stop Valve

Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by abh3, Mar 12, 2011.

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    Great eyes there!!!
  2. Designer_Mike

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    It's surprising that you are so happy....your well draws more than your heat pump?
  3. David1

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    OMG! All of you are grasping at straws because you are wrong! The font is the default on all Word systems. You shouldn’t have asked if you didn’t want the truth. Closed minds think alike. Good Bye and Good Riddance!
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    Default on ALL word systems, huh -

    “This is a quote from my Word 2000 (default text) to see how appears when copied and pasted.”

    Guess it's also a coincidence that David1 is close to "the other guy" which would conveniently explain why his IP address might be in the same vicinity as "the other guy."

    Also, where is your response to WP's question?
    This doesn't sound like a closed mind to me, or someone who isn't conceding that nothing is perfect per your previous quote:
    I don't have a stake in this argument, and have no opinion on the valve matter, but don't treat us like we're stupid.

    Sounds suspiciously like a "Bye" before "Banned" again.
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    Yep same shrill tone........

    We'll look forward to meeting "BOB1" next week.
  6. Dan3006

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    I know this is an old thread but I stumbled on it while again researching well systems. After reading all your post I had to register to respond. I can only assume that the banned guy is Valveguy from Cycle Stop valves. He is all over these type threads. My name is Dan and I too was skeptical of all his claims. But 10 years ago I had a Waterfurnace GSHP installed. It is a two stage 4 ton unit that operates at either 4 gallon per minute or 8 gallons per minute depending upon first or second stage. At that time I researched trying to figure out what I needed in my well system to make my heat pump work and also provide water to the rest of my house. I wanted to have plenty of water so I figured 8gpm heat pump plus 10gpm house. It came down to a variable flow pump system or Cycle Stop valve. The variable speed pump system was well over $1,000 the cycle stop valve was under $200. I installed a 1hp 2 wire 18 gallon per minute pump with a CSV1W and it has worked flawlessly for 10 years. I have plenty of water no matter if most everything in house and outside running. I have not measured the amp draw of my well pump at different flow rates but I can state that it prevents my well pump from short cycling with a 20 gal- 5-gallon drawdown pressure tank. It operates exactly as it states on their website. If I'm using 2 gallons a minute I have 58 lb of pressure if I'm using 18 gallons a minute and I have about 45 lb of pressure. I adjusted it so it takes 1.5 min to fill pressure tank after water use stops. So for someone who like me who is a do-it-yourselfer and wants to keep things simple and inexpensive the cycle stop valve is a great product. My brother built his house about a year after I installed my system and he too has a Cycle Stop installed in his well system that has worked for 9 years flawlessly as they advertise. He has a 3 horsepower 18 gallon a minute pump set at over five hundred foot deep with a 5-ton single stage 9 gallon per minute Waterfurnace heat pump. My well pump died on Me 2 days ago and I am installing a new well pump today with the same cycle stop valve that has been there for 10 years. I am again researching variable flow control boxes to see if anything's changed when I stumbled across this post and decided I would share my experience with you all. So far my research shows that variable speed control boxes are still well over $1,000 for a two wire one horse pump. And with the fact that they are electrical and prone to lightning strikes and other failures I'm going to continue to use the same cycle stop valve that has served me well for 10 years. I have a 2000 square foot house with a partially heated 2000 square foot basement with two adults and three children living in the home and my electric bill runs between $150 and $180 per month. When a valve on my heat pump went bad and I had to use the emergency electric heat from the heat pump and I had a $480 electric bill so I don't think the cycle stop valve is causing me to use too much electric from my well pump
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    Dan, Hi and welcome
    Yes valveman was banned here. I am glad you are having positive results with your cycle stop valve. After the " great VFD war " We as a community with the help of our former moderator chose to sanitize all the threads to allow a more positive experience for visitors and members alike. Questions about the long term performance of both products are still being sought. Thanks for sharing your experiences and stop back again.
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    Hope my experience helps those looking for ways to run GSHP off their well system. I need to correct some information in my last post. My brother's well is 540 feet total with static water level of 120 feet and produces 25 gpm at 300 feet. His pump is set at 340 feet. Just in case some were mislead by the misinformation I posted earlier and wondering how he gets 18 gpm at over 500 feet, he is not. He is pumping from between 120 and 340 feet. Also, I did find that Franklin Electric offers a Subdrive for 2 wire pumps and found it in the mid $500.oo range online. Their Subdrive's for pumps over 1hp are over $1000.00 still. Hope this information helps.
  9. waterpirate

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    The franklin electric 2 wire subdrive utility box supports single phase motors from 1/2 to 1 1/2 hp. The box is only compatible with franklin electric single phase motors. If another motor is used the possibility of the box putting it in " sleep mode " is very high.
  10. Valveman

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    I installed a 1hp 2 wire 18 gallon per minute pump with a CSV1W and it has worked flawlessly for 10 years.

    Thanks Dan! And thanks to geoexchange for un-banning me after all these years. Thanks to Eric for telling me things have changed over here after all this time, and for recommending I contribute again. I know the Cycle Stop Valve sounds too good to be true. But we have been replacing VFD's for over 27 years now. I keep hearing from people like Dan who say decades later "the CSV is still working flawlessly". A CSV can solve the problems with pumping costs and pumping problems and makes an open loop system much more viable. I will be glad to help if anyone has any questions. But I am not taking any crap from anyone who says a CSV doesn't work, increases costs, or is bad for pumps. Been using CSV's since 1993, and not only has there never been a problem of any kind, but the CSV has made thousands of pumps last longer and work better.

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