Is my pond adequate?

Discussion in 'Surface Water Loops' started by TheGreenGoblin, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Later this year we will be installing a 4 ton geo unit and would like to use our pond. I'm waiting to hear back from the installer as to what he has to say but was curious what the experts on here thought.

    The pond is about 0.4 acres. It's 9 ft at it's deepest but a good portion of it is in the 6-8 ft range. From what I can tell there's quite a bit of water being exchanged between the pond and the surrounding land. We had 2 weeks in a row where temps didn't get above zero in early January and our pond only had 6" of ice. Now after another stint of cold weather it's only up to a foot of ice or so, where most lakes in the area have 18"+. Since moving in last summer the pond has always kept a constant level, it's very wet in our area. I uploaded an image of our pond and what the contours look like. The red lines and numbers are the contours, the green lines and numbers are just depicting the size of the area.

    I'm open to digging it deeper if needed but will avoid the added cost if that's not necessary.

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    My installer got back to me saying he has zero concerns using our Pond.
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    The usage of a surface water btu exchange is not a simple matter. Boots on the ground and local install knowledge trumps any chatter on the internet. The reason why no one really chimed in with advice. Let us know how you get on, moving forward.
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    A pond stratifies, meaning it is warmer on the bottom than on the top, which is why ice forms at the top. But if you have water running through it it might impact it, but I would not expect it too much.

    Looking at this size pond6-9 ft deep, in Green Bay WI, I also would not have any concerns if done by an experienced installer.

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