Virginia Internal or external pump opinions

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    Since the success of the downstairs 3 ton unit, I am looking at replacing my upstairs conventional with a geo. The current unit is a 2 ton trane and has died a slow painful death from 16 years of service. ( Long Story).

    My question is the advantages or issues to consider with the pumps built in or external.

    Units on the radar:
    Climatemaster Tran 22, which has a internal pump
    Coldflow CFX24, which requires a external pump
    MiamiHP HPX24, external pump

    All would be 2 stage.

    I like having the external pump to purge the lines, but once that is done, the internal would be variable saving some $ over time.

    DIY install, Ive enjoyed the journey and learning, I appreciate any feedback.
    Loop field is already in, 2x800 ft loops buried 7ft+.
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    Your units with internal pumps tend to be " smarter ". Meaning the unit adjusts flow rates to meet demand and performance parameters. The units with internal pumps have built in purge ports and 3 way valves inside the unit.

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