Pennsylvania HydroLogic External Control

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    looking into purchasing 5 series NSW 500Wii water to water from waterfurnace.
    in the instruction manual, it states that an external controller is necessary for operation (page22)
    it lists 4 options: HydroStat, HydroZOne HZC, HydroZone HZO, HydroLogic

    Its confusing, I did find the HyroLogic manual but other than that there is no information about this on the waterfurnace website. Anyone used the HydroLogic? Pros and Cons?

    Im not sure i understand the differences between the HydroZone HZO and the HydroLogic

    As we will have radiant flooring, desuperheater and air handler - would the HyroLogic be the best option?

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