How to set a prv on a well system ?

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    I have a need for a constant pressure to feed a geothermal heat pump. So as my well cycles from 40 -60 pounds the flow rate changes a lot. I am having trouble setting a prv to try to keep a constant pressure, and then I can set the flow rate with a flow valve. Is the proper method to wait until the pressure is at the low point of 40, and then set the prv guage to 20 ? Currently the prv gauge will read closer to house pressure and when the heat pump kicks on and let's the water flow, the pressure drops, and as the well increases its pressure the prv pressure will slowly rise. The only thing i can think that i did was to set the prv while the house pressure was high, if the house pressure is lower than that when it kicks on, it starts low and slowly increases. So I really need to know the proper way to set the prv valve so I can get a constant flow of 4.5 gpm through my heat pump. I've been trying to adjust it while it's running, an obviously that is incorrect. This diy novice needs some help.
    Thanks, I appreciate any advice.

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