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    Have any of you measured how many amps you draw or kw your using ? I'm curious as to what a 2 stage system draws vs a 1 stage. I (think i) know that the 2 stage systems run longer, but at lower amp draw and lower heat
    or cool production . But your still running the compressor and the blower. Just wondering if it's actually cheaper. My 1 stage is pretty economical to run, it's pulling 9.5 amps when it's on. (My last one pulled 10.5) and it's been cold for here 27 -28 degrees at night. And it's running 7-8 minutes on and 15 off.
    My last unit cost me 280 to run for the year, with most of the cost during the summer when it's up around 100. Again, just curious about the cost of running a 2 stage unit. Comparing against a 3 ton single stage.
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    WF 5 ton 7 series (variable speed compressor). When it runs, it draws about 20 amps (for the air fans, circulation pumps and compressor together.) I use maybe 12-20 kWh on a typical winter day (Northern climate) and I think the coldest 24 period we had this year was an average temp of -8 and the coldest point that night was 24 below. My 3000 sf was comfy 68 degrees warm, at a cost of roughly 50 kWh for that 24 hour period. Our solar collection the next day was roughly 90 kWh, so it cost nothing to weather the cold snap. The last week of April, we used roughly 60 kWh for the entire week (so less than 10 kWh per day.) Average daily temps in the mid 40s, with overnights in the mid 30s. Hope that helps.
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    Go check out welserver dot com. There are a number of systems on there with energy usage graphs.

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