How many gallons of water/antifreeze mix in typical 6-ton closed loop?

Discussion in 'Vertical and Horizontal Loops' started by Burnhaven, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Burnhaven

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    What would be a typical range of total gallons of liquid in a 6-ton closed loop system handling a 3800 square foot home? I read 60-80 gallons in one place which would suggest up to 20 gallons of polyethylene glycol for 25% refrigerant.
  2. SShaw

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    It depends on the total diameter(s) and lengths of the pipes in your loop field, which could vary with the design of the loop. Your figure of 60-80 gallons sounds small to me. I have a 4T system with 4,200 ft of 0.75" pipe and about 400 feet of 2" supply and return pipe. That required 196 gallons total.
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  3. Burnhaven

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    Thanks for that. If they had to completely refill ours, ( say its capacity is 250 gallons ) including 25% refrigerant of some kind, it might then require ~60 gallons of refrigerant. Based on $900 for a 55 gallon drum, we'd be looking at ballpark $1000 just for the refrigerant.
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    Antifreeze not refrigerant.
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