How Accurate is Energy Tracking on WF Touchscreen Thermostat

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by batman71, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. batman71

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    I recently went away for 10 days and recorded the readings on the WF touchscreen thermostat (TPCC32UO1) and also the utility company meter before leaving. The first thing I did upon return was to check the readings again. The difference between the two readings over the 10 day period was 194 KwH. Since the WF stat tracks the fan as well as the furnace itself, all of the 194 KwH must be attributable to all other items (e.g lights, clocks, etc.). I had turned off all computers, the well pump, turned off the water heater, all lights except for a couple of 7 watt night lights. The only other things still plugged in was internet modem/router, 32" flat screen TV (turned off), and a stereo receiver in standby mode.
    In my previous home of similar size, my TOTAL usage during months when I was not heating or cooling was about 600 KwH for the month, or about 200 KwH hour per 10 day period. This included usage for an electric clothes dryer along with everything else (lights, computers, appliances, well pump, etc).
    In other words, my usage while away recently in my current home (with everything turned off) was the same as the usage in my prior home WHILE OCCUPIED! I am convinced that either the utility company meter is giving a faulty reading OR the WF monitor is faulty or perhaps both. There is no way that the things still drawing power while away amounted to the 194 KwH.
    My question is whether anyone can attest to the accuracy of the Waterfurnace energy tracking?
    I will be conducting another check when we are able to go away with the heating/cooling turned off entirely. By doing so, any usage for other items will be reflected on the utility company meter and I will not need to "back in" to the usage by depending on the thermostat monitor.
    Comments welcome.....
  2. Tamar

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    No refrigerator or microwave?
  3. batman71

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    Ooops...forgot to mention the refrigerator. There is microwave but unlike the fridge it would not have been consuming power while away.
  4. SeekingAdvice

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    I believe the energy tracking makes some assumptions based on the installers input. AKA they set it up and tell it what brand/size pumps you have so they use a correlation that if the pump is running at X gpm, it is consuming Y kWs of electricity.
    Therefore it will never be completely accurate. I would not expect it to be off by that much, so, some portion is your houses latent consumption, while some is likely the system being off (maybe you could have your installer check to see if they set it up right, or maybe they can tweet it to be more accurate, or maybe I am completely wrong?)

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