Hot Geothermal loops!! Can we use our pool to cool??

Discussion in 'Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs' started by homemom, May 6, 2009.

  1. Sounds like your problem is two fold; incorrect sizing and poor loop installation. It may be that correcting the heat loop temperature is all that's needed to get things under control, but we all agree that you will need a proper heat load calculation, and then a determination of the effectiveness of your loop system. Sadly, at this point,both require an experienced and honest contractor. It is another sad story of un unqualified contractor in over his/her head. Good luck!
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    LONG thread. I did not look through it all so this may have already been suggested. This looks like a chicken/egg situation to me. Are looking at the wrong side of the problem... you sure the geo is the problem?

    Instead of focusing on increasing capacity have you considered looking at load reduction? Has an energy audit including a blower door test been performed? What opportunities for load reduction were uncovered?

    Fix the house and you may find the Geo is not broken.
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    Hello and welcome.

    It is not typically useful to dredge up and post to threads dormant for months or years.

    If you have a new issue or question, by all means start your own new thread.

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