Hot Geothermal loops!! Can we use our pool to cool??

Discussion in 'Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs' started by homemom, May 6, 2009.

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    Any chance the original installer could sketch out how the vertical loops are connected? Series, parallel, back to a single manifold?

    If you find someone local who seems good, I bet you could pay some of the pros here to interview them on the phone.
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    The Airplane companies will fly

    me to lost wages from CVE very cheep.

    Tool is the issue.

    I just know this will fix. It is a big world and I am just a small part.
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    Perhaps a local guy who'd like to learn geo would provide tools.
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    Joe, not a bad idea. My hand tools will fly, the big stuff will not.
  5. AMI Contracting

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    Ah, but knowledge is portable

    and legal tender.
  6. I actually did this with an intermediate exhchanger about 15 years ago. the Home had 8 tons, and a 25,000 gallon pool in Tampa, FL. The return water was up to about 110 degf. We used a we installed additional exchangers after the desuperheaters and piped pool water through them. Within one month (by the end of August), the pool was above 100 degrees, and for all intents and purposes rendered useless to the homeowner (his own words). he thern paid us to add 3000more feet of slinky, He's been fine ever since. PS: I'd have switched him over to open loop, but he opted to add to the exisitng 8000 feet of slinky. We've done similar fixes over the years in Boca Raton, Bradenton, and Jacksonville.
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    UPDATE -

    Hello --First, I wanted to thank everyone for their ideas and interest in helping us with our Geothermal system. It really helped to hear from your experience and expertise.

    I apologize for taking so long to get back my grandfather did pass a few months ago, but all is well.

    UPDATE: We decided to add the 5 ton conventional unit to the house, as a complete separate and redundant system for our main floor. This we hope will take the load off of the geothermal system so the entire Geo won't overheat and shut down.....

    We are planning to use our secondary water (IF we can plumb it to work- still a theory) to cool our loops. Here's the plan.... When we water our lawn and plants FIRST the water will flow from the secondary line TO the geothermal Loops..... Use the WARMER geothermal water to flow back to the yard and water the plants - DAILY. We HOPE that replacing a portion of the WARMER geothermal water daily (spring-fall) that it will help keep the loops cooler.

    AS for the pool....we've put it off.

    I will have another professional double check our system when he is in the area - just to be sure everything is working as well as possible.

    Morning: Incoming loop water temp 113 Exit water is 126 degrees.
    Evening: incoming loop water 119 Exit water 133 degrees.

    AC unit to be finished in a week....I hope the Geo holds out that long.

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    Hi homemom,

    Your idea might work. It all depends on how many gallons you can run through the loop.

    How clean is your secondary water. You run the risk of fouling the inside of your heat pump if the water is hard or dirty.

    Have you looked into running a fluid cooler?

    This would cool your loop with out introducing dirty water.
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    Have you found a reliable local contractor?
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    Second Opinion

    Dewayne --- We were just going to contact you! :D Next time you're in our neighborhood let us know... Hoping you would double check our Geo setup.

    The company who "re-plumbed" the system have a good reputation, (work was done by a tech.) I would feel better if I had a second opinion. Possibly call ClimateMaster to double check all parameters.

    We did look into a cooling tower at one time...$25,000. :lol: No Way! That was from another company in town.

    Yeah, we had a few questions regarding the loop water also. We can double filter the water, but it still is not "drinkable" water. Open loop systems use river or lake water - right? PSI is around 50-60. Does that present any problems? Just a theory -

    MAIN Objective is to cool our loops- cost effectively - from May through September - if the need arises. Using our secondary water is just one option.

    Current Plan: Take main floor OFF Geo (Use 18 seer a/c unit) to cool main floor... and PRAY HARD that the loops will cool enough to finish this summer.

    THANKS !

    Husband will be in contact with you.
  11. Palace GeoThermal

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    unfortunately, I don't make it StGeorge very often.

    $25,000 is ridiculous for a fluid cooler for your house.

    For a school maybe, but not for a house. You could make one out a a car radiator.

    Yes please call me. I would really like to help.

    my phone number is on my website
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    At the extreme loop temperatures you are seeing, an air heat exchanger would typically help during the day and possibly be useful for cooling the ground at night.

    If the sprinkler happens to hit it, then you have an evaporative chiller. :)
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    For such a large and costly problem, have you considered contacting an attorney regarding the original geothermal contractor to get legal advise?
  14. homemom

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    Car Radiator?? I like the way you think. We'll be in touch on Mon or Tues.

  15. homemom

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    Could...but would it be worth the emotional toll? I think not. I'd rather spend the time happy with my family, not holding on to the anger and revenge which tends to spread and hurt more the holder than the offender.

    (...but I do tend to smile when I hear that he's having rough times, and the word about his work is getting around. Dave Charlton "Planet Geothermal" will do more damage to himself than a law suite would.) Oops, did I mention his name?
  16. Palace GeoThermal

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    Last I heard the offender was no longer in business :eek: :eek: . Good riddance. :D :D :D
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    > would it be worth the emotional toll? I think not.

    A very legitimate concern. Plus you might never collect anything. On the other hand, it might prevent other customers from being damaged in similar ways.

    From an design case study standpoint, it would be very interesting to find out why your loops work so poorly.
  18. homemom

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    I think I just smiled again.... :D

    He's left a trail of undersized-poorly installed jobs... Our new a/c guy ran into other people adding tonnage this week from Dave's botched jobs. It's the talk around the community A/C cooler I gathered.

    New guy also ran into Dave when he was picking up parts at the WholeSale place. How's that for timing?? Dave turned red when our a/c guy told him who's house he was "repairing";.... :lol:

    Oh, well ....can't control other peoples actions, only your own.
  19. homemom

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    This is a concern.... Hopefully, he has put himself out of business. It would be best for customers and other Geothermal businesses.

    If only the earth were a glass ball.... It is a mystery... Last night we had family from New York visiting (haven't seen in years), when the house reached 80 degrees and beads of sweat formed on their brow - they decided it was time to leave....can't blame them...I wished I could have left too.
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    I tend to think of possible legal action as an attempt to make things right for a job that you paid to have done right and not an act of spite. This was a business agreement you had with this installer, and it sure sounds as if the agreement has not been fulfilled. I agree with jonr in that it might help to prevent other customers from being damaged. It sounds like this installer may still be in business in some capacity if he was at the WholeSale place.

    Financial recovery is an unknown at this point. I don't know if his insurance (if he had insurance at the time of your installation) would cover this type of problem. If his insurance would cover this type of situation, I believe it would be based on his insurance in effect at the time of the installation, and not what he has now.

    I would first speak to as many homeowners in the same boat as you are to see if anyone else has gone down this legal road with this installer, to find out if they had any luck taking action. You could try a joint lawsuit so that expenses (and possible financial recovery) could be shared. Another affected homeowner may be willing to take the lead on this, saving you some time. I understand that you may feel differently about all of this. Just trying to offer a suggestion that may possibly help.

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