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    I will try to get right to it. I am having a tough time, not so much "just" in this geo design, but my entire build because there are so many pipes, complexity, and trying to do this as efficient and practical as possible.

    In the middle of KS on large acreage. Building a shop that will have some living area in the 2nd floor. build is 60x100'. Floor is getting foam under it with radiant pex tube. I also already own a 5T, 2 stage Climate Master. As well, this whole place if off-grid! Getting a 15kw solar system and a 50kwh Li battery system that I already have.

    The intent is to use BOTH as I have been in shops with both that work well. The radiant floor just to combat some heat loss in the floor, and adjust comfort with the geothermal system. It may not be practical to keep everything at a perfect temp. In Summer, the main goal is to dehumidify and won't be pushing it much beyond the 1st stage (3T). We work in a shop now with no cooling and we survive just fine.

    The main reason for both heating systems is redundancy! I realize most here will NOT advocate for this as you want the same BTUs as added and removed in the geo field. I will just have to play with it a bit but intent is to design for the full 5 tons in the geo field, but mostly operate at 3T.

    I had previously planned for my build as such...build the geo slinky loops as 1 slinky per ton at 5ft deep, 3ft wide, then partially backfill and add my septic system laterals at 18" depth, then build the solar panel field over all of this.... Why?? Because I am already excavating the area and cannot otherwise drive on the lateral field. This makes good use of the space.

    HOWEVER, the septic field is to be located 200ft from the building! This would mean 2 larger headers going out to connect to the slinkies, and the price of pipe right now is STUPID high! This is causing me to rethink. I can build a geo field on the other side of the building but would then require the extra excavating. I can get equipment and have worked in construction so the dirt work can be done! However, if I move the geo field close to the building, that is right where we would have trees and some ag tractor traffic.

    I know you guys don't like geo fields under a septic. I have done one other that has worked very well but that might be a moot issue due to the distance to get there! I have a 4" sewer main going out there, and various other pipes for electric, domestic water, etc. Like 20 pipes going in the ground!

    It would be SO much easier to simply walk my place with a guy and get some experienced input! I can draw this up but will take a minute. I think I am just realizing that putting slinkies under the septic system may not be practical given the distances.

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