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    So, when i first installed my units, everything worked beautifully. Low bills, low temps, low humidity.
    Each year the water temps were a little higher over the long summers. After 4-5 years with only minor unit repairs, my water temps have reached 120*. Last summer (7 yrs) the electricity bills jumped with the units not being able to keep up with the load. So far this summer, its worse. The units run nonstop.

    My smaller 2.5 ton started acting up, so my a/c man (younger bro.) came look at it & got it going. He advised the ground temps need to come down. iwt-117* & ewt-124*. He wants me to put in a chiller, which of course costs & costs to run (he mostly works in marine where they do not have electricity bills). Now in my DIY brain, I start brainstorming on how to pull off an energy effective way to do this.

    Plan #1 - we have a high water table here about 5', so i can dig down almost to my loops at 10' and install a septic drain field perpendicular to my loops x2. About 80' in total. Connect together to a pvc well with small pump to remove the hot water. By removing the hot water, colder water will replace it.
    Ground water tems that deep are about 68*.

    Plan #2 - similar setup, but not dig as deep. Say about 5', i guess would have to be aove the water table. Install the septic drain field the same way & tie it into my septic tank discharge (ranges from 90* - 95*). By doing it this way is basically energy free (i hope). The septic system would keep the loop field drain field full and let gravity push it in. If ever the loop field drain field doesn't keep up it'll still over flow into my current drain field. Im hoping im explaining this right.

    Plan #3 - kinda a combination of the 2. Dig almost to loop field, connect together to a well to remove hot water if necessary but also a line to the septic system, in which would need a pump to push water into the loop field. This is what i was planning on.

    Any thoughts!

    BTW - i own the digging equipment to pull this off.
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    Sounds like maybe there's not enough pipe in the ground and/or the pipe that's there is not spread out enough.

    What happens to the loop temps in the winter? Do you use the system for heating?

    Was a calculation done to size your ground loop based on whatever loop design you are using?

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