New Jersey Help plz - New Flow Center Pump Wiring to HVAC eat Pump

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    I have a GeoFlo Non-Pressurized Pump with single Grundfos UPS26-99 pump.
    I need to wire to my 3 Ton GeoLogix HZV036.

    I am not 100% positive on (1) how to wire the pump up normally to come on with compressor only and ultimately (2) make a way to turn on the pump via a inline switch (if compressor is not on) for flushing and looking in the cap (says should be running). GeoFlow and Grundfos manuals are vague, GeoLogix manual should have the answer (link below).

    1 - What gauge wire for line voltage for about 15-20ft?
    Yes I am putting in conduit. Seems very low amp which is why asking.

    2 - I “think” I know where to wire the Line Voltage in my unit (see attached photo).

    3 - But I assume this is constant power so wouldn’t I also need to wire a Low Voltage trigger?
    My old pump (different HVAC HeatPump and Pressurized Pump) was a 115v wall plug with Low Voltage trigger to HVAC Het Pump to a relay mounted near pump to come on with compressor)

    4 - Ultimately I think I would need/like an inline switch or some way of easily turning on and off the pump without the compressor running so I can flush these lines, etc. Yes I am using an inline spindown stainer (on by pass) as to not harm the Flow Venter Pump.

    I have the DXM2 stat so may be able to trigger it manually if triggered by an on board relay or something BUT that is on another floor. So Ideal would be a inline switch of some sort. If easier to purchase/use a relay of some sort, is fine

    I have decent experience in residential electric (completely wired a couple houses and offices), solar (RV) and low-voltage (RV, alarms, smart homes, network, etc). But not so much in HVAC short of connecting t-stats and flipping dip switches. But I am capable.

    NOTE: There are some configurable Relays/Connections (ACC1 and ACC2) on the board (see page 27, 35 & 39) but sounds like they may just be 24v Low Voltage?

    Link to my GeoLogix (ClimateMaster)VAC Heat Pump Manual - electrical Pg 32+

    Thank you all so much for your help!
    I've been a long time lurker due to my self install "kit" back in 2009. I learned a lot on here and other places and seemed to figure most things out (cant find help here in Southern New Jersey) but this one has be stumped and I don't want to fry anything. lol

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  2. gette

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    Mod. Please fix title typo (Heat not eat lol): "
    Help plz - New Flow Center Pump Wiring to HVAC Heat Pump"
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    The answer really depends on the Grundfos operating voltage. (For example - I have a 230vac model, but could be a 120V)
    My Climatemaster pump is wired using the compressor contactor, so when the compressor turns on, so does the recirculation pump/s.
    The difference in wiring will be utilizing the neutral or not depending on recirc voltage required.
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    Thanks @SShaw I'm looking at it now.
    @mrpac OMG I can't belie I forgot to mention that. It is 230vac.

    I can hook it up to the compressor contactor. That is no problem.

    The problem is occasionally I want to run the pump WITHOUT the compressor being on.
    Mainly to flush via the Flow Center pump through my inline, bypass filter/strainer, or to look in the lid (As GeoFlo states as pump should be on when opening the lid due to their "vacuum/pressure cap").

    I guess this will need a Relay with a switch of some sort with constant 230v to it and a Low Voltage compressor call from Heat Pump and a switch.

    Most if these needs are needed initially as this is a new setup that I need to start-up and keep an eye on for the first few weeks at least, etc.

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