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    Nice. Our system also working flawlessly as we go into the 3rd winter. Flip on the switch end of October, and that's it. I don't even have to bleed the radiators anymore because the water never gets hot enough for air to accumulate (max about 120°F and rarely above 115°F). No more monitoring the fuel oil level, no more monitoring oil prices, no more waiting to get down 150 gallons to get the best price and hoping we don't get caught with a snowstorm and no oil. The key for me was a supportive wife willing to go along with my crazy idea of geo through the radiators.

    Meanwhile we are taking advantage of the off-season to switch the air conditioning to geo as well rather than wait for our 20-year-old 10 SEER system to finally break down. It will be a split system with a separate heat pump and an air handler in the attic, with manual valves to redirect the loop. The contractor is sealing and insulating all the ductwork as well. Theoretically I should be able to get EER of at least 22, so I am hoping for a pretty big saving in running cost.
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