Gurgle when stopping

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by RonL, Jul 4, 2023.

  1. RonL

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    When a geo turns off, should it make a gurgle type sound like the water is equalizing, or maybe boiling ? (Open loop) operation is fine, water valve opens, fan turns on, compressor starts. It finishes its cooling and everything turns off. And now I hear a gurgling, doesn't really sound like boiling, but could be. If it was, wouldnt there be bubbles working there way through on the next start up ? It lasts maybe 30 seconds or so. It could have always done this, I'm not sure, I just happened to notice it. Is that a normal thing ? No bubbles in the outflow .
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    My guess would be that your discharge line is draining, and you're hearing air bubbling back up. If it's that, nothing to worry about. If you have a sump pump with a long discharge, you'd typically hear something similar. Can you see where the discharge is coming from? If you see water draining out for a short time after the geo turns off, that's being replaced by air going back in.

    If your discharge water was actually reaching boiling temperatures, that'd be bad. :)

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