gethermal buffer tank/desuperheater buffer tank

Discussion in 'Radiant Heating and Cooling' started by scott mills, May 22, 2013.

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    you answered your previous question, why get a Marathon when you can get something for 2-300 bucks
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    I like your reasoning. I am using a 55 gallon rated, (47 actual) Whirlpool unheated unwired preheater tank fed by a two ton geo thermal unit. This heater is outdoors, protected from rain and elements. It works quite well. Temps come up quickly, and even on non heating/cooling days I generally keep most of that heat for up to two days.

    But what I would add to the conversation is this: first everyone should be asking the question: WHERE will the first preheater tank be located ? My preheater tank does very well in the summer because it is exposed to 84F + temperatures ALL SUMMER. No real losses ! However, come winter, heat loss is greater, as the tank is exposed to 38 - 50 F ambient, more or less.

    It seems to me that a 4 or 6 ton unit servicing a LARGE house could easily use a 80 or 100 gallon tank. (As long as BTU sizing is not calculated wrong and grossly oversized, resulting in quick shut off) Also using the dual capacity Copeland compressor works well for me. If I ever "lose" the Whirlpool hot water preheater tank due to corrosion, leaks, etc, I may replace it with a simple insulated steel or stainless steel tank that has the same fittings as an electric hot water heater. The proper insulation of that tank (or any other) and lines is very important.
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    Thanks for the information. I found this entire thread incredibly informative. Here is the link to the caleffie articles you mentioned for others to reference:

    Issue 9 references geo

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