New York Geothermal was a $50,000 mistake

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by kmheins, Oct 3, 2014.

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    This is why I DIY. Even if I bought all the tools and fancy gadgets necessary, I still come out way ahead. I even bought a used case backhoe, rebuilt the engine and hydraulics. Used that to dig the trenches. Planning on a pond dig next and using it for foundation work on my garage build. I could sell it and recoup the costs but I'll keep it for now. After tax credits, payback is a 2 years not counting my backhoe. I don' t know how any one is silly enough to shell out 50k for a geo, lol. You would have been better off getting a regular air sourced heat pump and call it a day. Geo is for tinkerers and those with money to burn. The lucky ones will rarely have issues with a properly designed system.
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    We know our market.

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    Smug much?
    You could have bragged about your smarts in a lot of venues but you pick one where a person is very disappointed and out a great deal of money.
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    Great bragging. Show me a regular air sourced heat pump in Upstate NY performing greatly. And what has the rest of the words to do with a failed geo install?

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